Xpel Paint Protection Film is designed to stop Stone Chips to the sensitive areas of your car’s Paintwork. Typical coverage is front (Bonnet, Wings, Bumper, Headlights & Mirrors) or Extended front (Bonnet, Wings, Bumper, Headlights, Mirrors, side Skirts, A-Pillars, Lower Rear Quarter, Roof Section & Rear Bumper ). However, the complete vehicle may be wrapped for your peace of mind.

All our Film applications are completed with Xpel Paint Protection Film that is that the clearest self-healing film on the market. This near-invisible film comes complete with our 10-year warranty on every film application and is designed to stay the panels of your automobile stone chip and swirl mark free for the life of the film. should your film get broken it may be simply removed and replaced decreasing the possibilities of damaging your investment.