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Ceramic Coatings And PPF | Have you ordered your New 24 REG Car?. A ‘new car’ does not always have that wow factor you would expect, our highly trained detailers gently machine polish all brand new cars before installing any protection treatment. This allows the ceramic coatings or PPF to bond directly to the painted surface. We offer Ceramic Coating And Paint Protection Film Services In Staffordshire. Ceramic Coating And PPF Midlands.

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Interior Protection

  • Wheel Protection

  • Glass Protection

  • Warranty

  • PPF Options Available

All vehicles that are protected at STAFFORDSHIRE CAR CARE can return for a FREE health check after 3 washes, this is to confirm all the coatings are working as they should and you are maintaining the car the best you can. We offer support and product information to help you keep your car looking great for years to come. All treatments are carried out inside our Detailing Studio in Rugeley Staffordshire and we offer our services throughout the Midlands UK.

“Great customer service, with a professional quality finish at a competitive price…
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  • Paint Ceramic Coating

  • Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating

  • Plastic Trim Ceramic Coating

  • External Glass Ceramic Coating

  • Interior Ceramic Coating

  • Protection Film Options Available


Discover the pinnacle of new car protection at our facility, offering an all-encompassing treatment designed to safeguard your vehicle’s aesthetics and resilience. Our meticulous process begins with a full body and paint preparation treatment, including thorough decontamination and snow foam to ensure a pristine canvas.

With a single-stage machine polish, we elevate your new car’s shine to its maximum potential before applying a premium ceramic coating. This exceptional protection extends not only to the paint but also covers wheels, glass, and interior surfaces, ensuring comprehensive defence against environmental elements and wear.

Explore our PPF options, where our popular choice includes front-end coverage coupled with ceramic coating for the paint, delivering unmatched protection to vulnerable areas. Our specialised treatments are tailored to exceed expectations, offering enhanced defence and aesthetics to your vehicle.

Offering PPF And Ceramic Coatings to Lichfield, Cannock, Tamworth, Rugeley, and the wider Staffordshire area, our commitment to excellence sets us apart. Our expertise surpasses any other in the region, ensuring your new car receives the best-in-class protection it deserves.

Trust us to provide an unmatched new car protection treatment, meticulously crafted to elevate and preserve your vehicle’s appearance. Experience the superiority of our services and safeguard your investment with precision and expertise

WHOS IS STAFFORDSHIRE CAR CARE2023-12-20T09:44:24+00:00

Welcome to Staffordshire Car Care, Your premier destination for automotive excellence in Rugeley, proudly serving the automotive needs of Cannock, Lichfield, and the surrounding areas. With over 26 years of industry expertise, we specialiSe in providing top-tier PPF and ceramic coating services.

At our state-of-the-art detailing studio, equipped with climate control and specialised lighting, we offer meticulous treatments to safeguard your vehicle’s appearance. As certified installers of Gyeon ceramic coatings and PPF, our team ensures the utmost precision and expertise in protecting your car’s surface.

Whether it’s the application of durable PPF to shield against road debris or the enhancement of your vehicle’s gloss and resilience through Gyeon-certified ceramic coatings, our services are tailored to exceed your expectations.

Located in Rugeley, our purpose-built studio caters to automotive enthusiasts in Cannock, Lichfield, and neighbouring areas. Trust our years of experience and expertise to deliver exceptional results, preserving and enhancing the beauty of your vehicle.

Experience the pinnacle of automotive care – visit Staffordshire Car Care in Rugeley for unparalleled PPF and ceramic coating services. Trust us to safeguard and elevate your vehicle’s appearance with precision and Gyeon-certified excellence

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Introducing our cutting-edge new car protection treatment in Rugeley, Staffordshire, covering Cannock, Lichfield and surrounding areas, where automotive excellence meets innovation. At our facility, we specialise in elevating your new car’s durability and shine through meticulous machine polishing and comprehensive ceramic coating applications.

Our expert team meticulously machine polishes and applies ceramic coatings to not just the paint but also the wheels, glass, and interior surfaces of your new vehicle. This comprehensive treatment provides unparalleled protection against environmental hazards, scratches, and wear, ensuring your car maintains its showroom brilliance for years to come.

Located in Rugeley, Staffordshire, our facility focuses on delivering superior protection to your vehicle’s entirety. Whether safeguarding the paint’s pristine finish, fortifying the wheels against road debris, enhancing glass resilience, or preserving the interior’s elegance, our specialised treatments offer unmatched defence and aesthetics.

Experience the pinnacle of new car protection – visit us in Rugeley, Staffordshire, for expert machine polishing and comprehensive ceramic coating services covering every facet of your vehicle’s surface. Elevate your new car’s appearance and resilience with our advanced protection treatments

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE2020-02-05T20:52:27+00:00

If you choose the full Gyeon Quartz New Car protection Treatment it will take up to 2 days in total.

WHAT IS MACHINE POLISHING?2020-04-08T19:30:46+01:00

Paint damage and surface imperfections are often caused by incorrect washing techniques. At Staffordshire Car Care we not only repair this damage by machine polishing, creating a “better than new” finish. With over 20 years experience and knowledge we can provide a service that our customers deserve.


We say that annual mileage equals washes per year. So the more mileage you cover the more washes needed, this means that the paint is incurs more contact such as washing and drying each year which can wear ceramic coatings down over time. When you complete our quote form we carefully select the right protection treatment to suit your annual mileage and ownership duration so you are not paying for what you don’t need.

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