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Are ceramic coatings worth it?

What is a ceramic car coating in the first place?

While there are several ways to make your vehicle look great, such as paint correction or waxes, many consumers are looking into the power of ceramic coating as a viable option.

It’s certainly all over the internet these days with countless videos across social media showing mud being thrown over a bonnet and running off instantly leaving barely a dirty mark.

For many viewers, this is the first time they’ve even heard of the terms “Ceramic Coating” or “Nano Coating”. Others are skeptical — have the videos been staged in some way? Will the coating ruin my car?   And why do they seem so expensive when the bottles are so tiny?

In this post, we’re going to look at the realities of ceramic coating your car, whether they do what they claim and help you decide whether it’s for you or not. Although the protection these coatings offer is unrivaled, they do have some potential downsides depending on what you’re after.


Why does your car need a ceramic coat?

You want your car to look as amazing all the time. But despite your efforts maintaining and washing, the scratches, chips, and stains start to spread across your car’s exterior and the paint begins to dull & fade from the sun, which spurns many to either buy a new car or lose interest.

Contaminants Damage Car’s Surface Constantly

Anything and everything is constantly attacking your car’s surface. Mud, dust, dirty rain, water spots, unsightly brake dust, grime start sticking to your car almost immediately after cleaning it. And let’s face it, washing your car is boring for some but therapeutic for others, either way it is still a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere.

Problems with Using Roadside Car Washes

Roadside car washes scratch and Marr your paint, while the chemicals used are terrible for the surface, even imagine mind how many cars have been washes with that mitt!.

Why Not Wax?

Wax adds a good level of shine and gloss, and a small amount of protection, wax is a sticky material and can attract dirts particles and only lasts a few months at best.


What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

What is a 9H ceramic coating? The easiest way is to understand Ceramics Coatings are to think of them as a second layer of skin, or a sacrificial layer of protection over your car’s clearcoat.

Use of Nanotechnology in Ceramic Coating

They utilize nanotechnology, which are essentially tiny particles that form a very fine, thin layer completely invisible to the eye. Because these particles are so small, when applied to a surface, they seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat and even anti-graffiti. This 9H ceramic layer is completely transparent.

Difference between Ceramic Coated and Non-Coated surfaces
What is a ceramic coating?   The difference between an uncoated surface vs. a nano-ceramic coated surface.

This also explains why the bottles contain so little liquid (typically 30ml). The particles are so small, that this is all that is required to coat a single car.

Forms Semi-permanent Bond With Vehicle’s Surface

The nano ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s surface, resulting in a ‘sacrificial’ layer that will not wash away under cleaning or rain, or break down over a short period of time. In fact, usually, it lasts years.

They repel dirt and water like nothing else, which makes them easier to clean.

What Does a Ceramic Coating Do?

There is a good reason why their popularity is growing a lot. Choosing a Gyeon certified detailer to install a ceramic coating is much better than what the dealership offer you in terms of paint protection.


Otherwise known as beading.

An important feature of a GYEON Ceramic Coating is that it is hydrophobic.  This basically means that water will be repelled instantaneously. When your car is ceramic coated, the incredible hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll of the surface along with most dirt, grime, or mud (as it has all been unable to bond to your vehicle’s paint).  When people ask “what is ceramic coating” this is often the first demonstration.

See video below:

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Mud & Dirt Repellent

Ceramic paint coating works much harder at protecting the surface of your vehicle than an ordinary paint job.

Rain and water bead as opposed to accumulating on the surface. Snow and ice does not stick to the surface. And mud as demonstrated above just slides off.

Protection from UV Damage / Oxidisation 

Vehicles often exposed to the sun will start seeing the paint fade and look dull. This is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet sun rays, which causes oxidation to the car’s paint. By adding a layer of Ceramic Coating to your paint, you can dramatically reduce the oxidisation.

Improved Durability

Ceramic coatings works much harder at protecting the surface of your vehicle than an ordinary paint job. The new coating bonds with the molecular structure of your car’s paint and can’t be dislodged by vibrations or external force, meaning it lasts years not months.

As mentioned earlier in the article, think of it as an added layer of skin on top of your paint.  How long does ceramic car coating last?  

What Does a Ceramic Coating NOT Do?

A lot of misconceptions about what the protection does not cover. Some of it might be logical, but never the less, let’s start off by saying this.

Does Not Make Car Bulletproof

Even the best ceramic coating does not make your car bulletproof. And they’re not some magic product that will solve all potential hazards your surface is exposed to. It will not stop stone chips or deep scratches.

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