New 2020 Porsche 911 – 992 C4S

Top Gear has an excellent review on the New 2020 Porsche 911 – 992 C4S here

The Porsche 911 has shown an amazing resilience to the fashions of more than five passing decades. Its look, its dynamics and its very purpose have been steadfast and yet adaptive. Now it’s time for the next step, but in the same direction.

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A new 911 has happened eight times – only eight – since 1963. Sometimes those generational leaps are big (the 996 was upsized, water-cooled and really a wholly new car). Sometimes they’re more about the details. This, the 992, is a kinda medium-sized move from the 991.

The whole body is, to all intents and purposes, new. Before, the shell and skin was two-thirds steel. Now it’s only one-third, the rest being aluminium in sheet, extrusion and cast forms. On the outside every metal panel is changed. The body’s wider and shapelier but still in that blissfully subtle 911 manner.


The interior is almost entirely new. It might contain a few visual recollections of cars past, but it is absolutely of the moment. The interfaces are all about reconfigurable screens, the equipment and driver-assist comprehensive.

The other 992 models

As is customary, Porsche will fill every conceivable niche with its benchmark sports car – and we’ve got the lowdown from humble Carrera 2 to top-brass 911 Turbo, from soft-top convertibles to the red-hot new GT3 version. Here are are the new 911 range derivatives:

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