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  • What is Bathe+?
  • Will Q²M Foam damage/alter my paint work or coating?
  • Can I mix Q²M Iron with my shampoo?

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After many years of detailing experience and vigorous research, GYEON bring you their ultimate, quartz based solutions for your car. Every single item in the Q²M range complies with GYEON’S mission to deliver the very best product in terms of quality, durability and ease of use. They are thoroughly tested by scientists in the laboratory and also by professional detailing businesses before they ever reach the market, to guarantee you proven results and indisputable quality.


Our very traditional, ph neutral shampoo is the perfect choice for daily maintenance of every vehicle. High foam and a gentle cleaning action.  WATCH VIDEO

TIP: Dilute Q²M Bathe in warm water.


Use Q²M Bug&Grime as the ultimate pre-wash product on heavily contaminated areas. Use only on cold paint, never in direct sunlight or on a warm car. WATCH VIDEO

TIP: Do not let the product dry



Q²M Cure dramatically increases the gloss and slickness of the paintwork. It also has a darkening effect, visible on every type of paint. WATCH VIDEO

TIP: Dilute 1:1 with demineralised water to make wipe off easier and reduce possible streaks on dark paints.


Pre-washing, especially on cars where a paint correction has been made, is very important to preserve the best possible visual effect for longer. Q²M Foam ensures highly effective first step in the cleansing process, as it helps to decrease the amount of dirt that needs to be removed during the proper, major wash with a mitt and shampoo.

Q²M Bug&Grime is a strong and very efficient pre-wash product developed specially for the removal of insects, bugs and grime. It dissolves contamination and ensures safe and scratch-free wash afterwards. It is the first choice product after every summer evening ride. Q²M Bug&Grime works fast and effective and is coating-safe at the same time.

Like other items in our range of products, Q²M Bathe is superbly efficient thanks to highly concentrated formula. The thick gel is naturally water-soluble, emitting a very pleasant smell, reminiscent of Q²M Cure, as well as producing a long-lasting foam.

Q²M Iron is one of the most efficient, fast reacting iron removers on the market. This product was specially developed to decontaminate surfaces from harsh ferrous deposits such as brake dust and rail dust easily, making intensive cleansing simple for both enthusiasts and pro-detailers alike

Q²M Cure has been developed as an innovative, silica-based maintenance spray for ceramic coatings. It prolongs the durability and enhances both gloss and repellency. Regular use allows to gain up to 90% of the regular durability of hydrophobic properties. Q²M Cure proves to be an excellent spray sealant, offering protection even on uncoated surfaces.


Take your time. Treat your car. You deserve it.