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    It is quite common to observe fading or discoloring of automotive finishing materials under the influence of UV radiation as well as strong chemicals used in car washes. Q² Trim preserves the long-lasting, supreme effect of colour saturation, which translates into ensuring a mat or satin finish of materials. Even after 12 months, the effect of colour saturation does not diminish, which often means exceeding the durability of traditional products.

    trim stays cleaner and like new for longer

    no more gels and silicones to bring trim back to life


    Who is Q² RIM designed for?

    Customers expecting an original factory finish.

    Customer looking for easy cleaning.

    Customers looking for exterior protection consistency.

    we install trim coatings to all exterior plastic materials

    Q² Trim requires just 1 thick layer. The coating can be applied on all finishes of trim, both glossy and matte. 


    CONSUMPTION: 15ml / set



    PH TOLERANCE: 2-11

    THICKNESS: 0,5qm

    DURABILITY: >12months/30k km


    Q² Trim is an appropriate product to protect all plastic and trim on the exterior of your vehicle.